My Great Grandpa

My great grandpa James was born on the? He is a hero to me and a savodur to others and this is his story.

1918 October 2 6am

James woke to silence. To him it was silence to me and you the sounds he heard would scar us for life. The sound of a wounded soldier faded in the distance. He grabbed his gun crawled out of his trench to make sure that every life that was lost was for a reason, not just another brick in wall.

1914 October 10 9am

“War’s here, fight and save the brits,” A man said as if he was selling off his daily loot.

“Mr. Gray, how would you like to save your-“

“I’m signing up,”

At first the man was quite surprised that James signed the piece of paper, I wasn’t, having heard the story now I noticed it’s a part of the Gray spirit to put another man’s life before theirs. Though as the pen touched the piece of paper he knew his life would never be the same.

1914 October 21

All was quiet. As the men boarded the ship. James felt weird. He never said his goodbye as he alibied the next day it was to save the tears in their eyes if they ever had a man in coat present the yellow letter they longed to never see. As he boarded the ship the salty Williamstown sea water kissed him one last time as they wished that he would live to see the waters again. Even the water knew that the only escape was the key of time.

1914 November 26

“All right men, if you want to fight you need to do it correctly,” Major Richard exclaimed while walking up and down in a straight line until he stopped and said” War will be your life for the next couple well, years.”

James wondered why he said it like that, was it because he never knew how long it would take or that once you go you may never come back.

“Lieutenant Gray,” he yelled piecing James’ ear “Are you listening to me?”

“Sorry Sir, I lost concentration,” James replied hesitantly.

“If you do that on the job you will get yourself killed,”

1914 December 26 3am

The night of Christmas day echoed in the manor of James. Laughter and joy filled the house. It made everyone forget that James could be dead right now. But something was missing back home. Ever since the James left the manor there was something missing in the small town of William. The town was sad and the crashing waves were slightly off beat.



1915 April 25 6am

They came under the cover of night. A sentence heard many times. They were expecting nothing. But were greeted by piercing bullets, bombs and a complete ambush. The armour which dragged them down drowned the weak hearted the only thing that it was protecting was the fact that they were Australian. James knew it was for his country. So he remembered these words to make sure he never forgot what he was fighting for:

I love a sunburnt country, 
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror
eThe wide brown land for me!

1915 December 19

James completed his final mission in Gallipoli. As he weighted the gun. He left it to fire by itself. He left some off his dearest friends behind that day. A penny could never be enough to pay the price that the bullet owed.

1916 July 1

Australian’s entered the western front. Gun’s firing all-around. James had an unusual feeling about this. Unlike Gallipoli he was doing something different. He was entering a war. Where thousands of people had lost their lives to the cause of greedy countries placing one dollar bets to see who would win the war. These lives had been priceless but a cent in the eyes of the gods.

1918 October 2 6am

James woke to silence. To him it was silence to me and you the sounds he heard would scar us for life. The sound of a wounded solder faded in the distance. He grabbed his gun crawled out of his trench to make sure that every life that was lost was for a reason, not just another brick in wall.

1918 October 2 12am

The sounds of wounded soldiers grew louder and louder as Americans came off the line and entered no man’s land. The enemy was destroying them like last night chutney. James primarily being a line layer. It was his job to inform the Americans that they had come far off the line but crossing no man’s land caused the line to be blown after five seconds. As the English were winning the war without them they thought that twenty-four thousand lives could be spared.

1918 October 2 6pm

James stripped down as he prepared to crawl through the dark, dirty mud to receive the Americans from the clutches of death. James decided that he had to receive all the Americans on his own. Without order he set out to save the Americans. It took him till 12 at night to tell them to come back. He was amongst fire every second this was the hardest job anyone could have. He saw people died as he was saving them but he saved twenty-four thousand lives that day. They couldn’t repay him even if they tried. A year after the war was finished the Americans offered a Victorian cross but Australia decided that because he didn’t save the Australians and he did it without order that he wasn’t deserving of the Victorian cross

Based on a true story of my Great Grandfather.

Size and Scale

This reflection was about size and scale. They talked about how if you were looking at something in space very close to it there is much more detail to change our understanding of astronomy but if we sent a prope up to take a look at the universe from very far away it will be pretty much pointless. But I wonder if we could send man made satellites into the orbit of planets in our solar system to get a closer look. That is my reflection on size and scale.

Food in Space Reflection

I learnt that on the iss you need to decomtaminate food before you bring it up there, water has to be in small package atached to straw and that food always has to be in one piece. An understanding I have is that lie on the iss would be hard and that you would get stronger after being up there. Finally a question I have is that how much money does it cost to fly to the iss.

Literacy Circles

Right There Questions:

What is brother kenneth in charge of?

How did henri feel about being alone with micah?

Is henri very good at latin?

Think and Search Questions:

Has the plauge efected the abby:

On my Own:

Even know brother Bart doesn’t like Micah do you think he will like him in the end?

Space Video

In 2013 a massive meteor flew past the earth. It harmed many people but did not kil. The meteor exploded before it hit the earth because of the earths air and how it was shaped. I understand the impacts of the explosion were very extreame and that most miss the earth compleatly and remain a astroroid. But I wonder if there will be a hit as big as the one that killed off the dinosaurs.

Science Cosmic Reflection

I learnt that the galaxy is split into two, half of the planets are rocky planets and the other half are gas planets. Saturn’s Rings are made from moons orbiting it. I also learnt that earth is the only planet that supports life due to the fact it’s in the goldilocks zone.  I understand that mercury is so close to the sun that the atmosphere was ripped off. A wonder when the sun kills our planet will we find a way to escape to another planet capable of supporting life and if so how will we transport there.

Goals for Semester 2


Lastly my goals for next semester will be to get a timetable because I have not completed that one yet. Also taking care when I do my work. As always I will trying to understand Astronomy more but on that I would like to take out my Telescope more and look into the sky for planets. I’ve also got two books about a solar system but also some history of the world’s beliefs that I would like to read. Also I would like to bump up my role in being school captain to a little bit more work.


I still have not created a timetable. I learnt a fair bit about astronomy but this term we are doing a cosmic discovery unit so that will really help me. And I have done a lot work as school captian but I would still like to do heaps more.

Cosmic Reflection

In this video it thought you how different cultures observe space. Babylon is a city that is located near Bagdad. They loved looking up and they were very smart as they had already complicated number system they were famous for using stars to create a calendar something we take for granted today. How much is it like the calendar that we use today. Ptolemaic system was created by the ancient Greeks which suggested the earth was at the centre of the universe which has been disproven toda

Cosmic Discovery-Goals

Scientific Understanding

Science as a human endeavour

I want to understand how humans name constellations and identify at least five different constellations and different cultures perspectives of them.

Earth and space sciences

How are gravitational forces created and how do they affect other planets, stars and other bodies around them

Science Inquiry Skills

Recording and Processing

I would like to read a piece of information and then identify key points and convert it into text without going back and checking the text